1:1 Holistic Accountability Coach

Let's Collaborate On Your Wellness Journey!

 I am deeply committed to empowering women to embrace their inherent birthright to empowerment. My passion lies in assisting women to seize control of their health, confidence, and inner strength, enabling them to lead lives that resonate with joy, fulfillment, and their best selves. Our focus extends beyond specific goals; we aspire to cultivate a balanced and gratifying life. By empowering women to prioritize their health, deeply understand their bodies, and feel energized, we aim to elevate both mood and energy.

 As a lifelong student of natural health and wellness, I firmly believe in our ability to shape our bodies and our health destiny through mindful food choices and daily rituals. My profound passion and reverence for the human body motivates me to nurture it holistically, connecting with all our senses as an integral part of the human experience. My mission is to guide women toward a deeper understanding and intuition of their true selves; this lifestyle is my calling.

 With a continuous commitment to learning about health and spirituality, I hold certifications in fitness, yoga, aromatherapy massage, aroma cosmetology, colon therapy, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching from the renowned online holistic health coaching school, IIN, with a global community of over 100,000 graduates from 155 countries.

  With over 25 years in the health industry, I firmly believe in practicing what I advocate. My comprehensive approach to wellness involves rituals, and a profound connection to my body through physical activity and nutrition, and has supported me through both the good and challenging times in my life, maintaining a sense of youth and vitality.

 Are you ready to embark on lasting, healthy changes that light up your life?

Who Can Benefit?
 If you are a woman aspiring to embody your happiest and healthiest self, eager to learn how to achieve specific goals and more, this program is designed for you. If you're ready to reclaim your true self, take responsibility for your health, and step in the right direction, then this is the place for you.

 In this program, we will collaborate to identify what your body needs for nourishment, exploring not only nutrition but also tools to release life's stressors. We'll delve into what brings you true joy, moves your body, and envision the life you desire. This highly personalized program meets you where you are, addressing nutrition, body movement, self-inquiry, stress release, and much more.

 By the program's end, you'll feel more empowered, have more energy, better sleep, less inflammation, a deeper understanding of yourself, and new tools for holistic nourishment—an investment in your personal development and well-being, creating your most radiant self inside and out.

1:1 Holistic Accountability Coaching

 What to Expect:

  I will work with you to establish realistic, achievable goals that integrate healthy habits into various areas of your life, covering diet and nutrition, body movement (exercise), personal growth, spirituality, relationships, and habits.

My Approach:
 Meeting you where you are and addressing your needs. It's about real food, realistic goals, and overall well-being. No calorie counting or fad diets—just a focus on natural health and empowering you.

Systems that Foster Success:

 Keep a self-inquiry journal, tracking everything from daily food and drink to sleep patterns, activity, supplements, stressors, and emotions. This accountability tool will set you up for success.

 Goal Setting (First Session: 1-1/2 hours)

  • Understand where you're coming from to meet your needs.
  • Dive deep into identifying your goals.
  • Map out a plan.
  • Set schedules.


  • Weekly virtual coaching sessions (45 min to 1 hour).
  • Regular check-ins (3 times a week via text) for encouragement and accountability.

Customized strategies, progress tracking, personalized recommendations, tips, tools, and educational materials.

This Program is right for you if you want
  • To Be held accountable to reach your goals.
  • Build sustainable healthy routines and consistent habits.
  • Say goodbye to diet culture and find a balanced way of eating with real whole foods.
  • Learn the basics of nutrition and the benefits of whole foods.
  • Improve energy and manage stress.
  • Cultivate a positive mindset and elevate your mood.
  • Optimize gut health, digestion.
  • Manage and understand cravings.
  • Understand your body and find what works for you.
  • Focus on life balance and set healthy boundaries.
  • Learn to fuel yourself on and off your plate.
  • Set and align with intentions.
  • Understand food labels and know what to look for.
  • Learn ways to limit exposure to toxins.
  • Feel and be your best.

Benefits of Working Together Long-Term

Enhanced Focus: The six-month duration enables a deeper and more sustained concentration on your health and nutrition objectives.

Sustainable Progress: With ample time and support, you can implement gradual adjustments that lead to lasting changes, fostering long-term well-being.

Personalized Support: The extended duration allows for a more personalized and tailored approach to addressing your unique needs and challenges.

Accountability: Over the long term, regular check-ins and ongoing support help maintain accountability, ensuring consistent progress towards your goals.

Holistic Growth: Through continuous guidance, you can address various aspects of your health and lifestyle, promoting holistic growth and development.

Building Habits: Working together over an extended period facilitates the establishment of healthy habits that become ingrained in your daily routine, supporting sustained success. Supporting you through the sessions of life! Holidays, emotional currencies of changes and hormones and having a 6 month support will set you up for success to live your best life and have the tools to navigate your own health on your own.

Program Options

 3 or 6 Month Program options available.

Initial 1:1 $30.00 consultation to see if we are a fit together.

 Starting at $100.00 a week.

First 12 weeks $1440.00.

Discount save $240.00 for the following 12 weeks $1200.00.

(You'll also enjoy a 15% discount on programs, services, and products I offer)

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