Frankincense | Organic, 100% pure, undiluted essential oil

Frankincense | Organic, 100% pure, undiluted essential oil

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Frankincense – Boswellia serrata  – Organic, 100% pure, undiluted essential oil

Organic, undiluted essential oil is like a gift from above for aging and acne prone skin! Frankincense is said to give new life to dull skin, while smoothing out wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines. It’s astringent properties help to balance out oily skin.

Topical Use: Lovingly apply 3-5 drops into 3 to 5 ml of a carrier oil of choice (jojoba is recommended) and gently massage onto your skin. You can also add a few drops to your favourite face cream for an extra boost! Apply with loving care and attention.

Aromatic Use: Diffuse up to 1 hour 3 times daily. Frankincense essential oil provides an aroma that is perfect for enhancing spiritual experiences, grounding and calming during yoga/meditation.

The Benefits of Frankincense: best known for it's strong anti-inflammatory effects, Frankincense is a powerful and beautifying blend of boswellia tree extracts, including terpenes and boswellic acids that are highly protective over healthy cells. This is partly why it has such an affinity for the skin!

Aromatically, Frankincense offers a grounding and earthy scent, and invites a sense of peace, ease and calm. 

Ingredient / Ingrédient : Boswellia Serrata Oil


Warnings: External use only – do not use undiluted. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes; if this happens, rinse thoroughly. Store at room temperature.

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