Women Of The Wise - Welcome Letter

Hello Beautiful Souls,  
Thank you for your investment in yourself with the Women of The Wise; Rituals to Rise.  You just made an extraordinary commitment to your health and wellness! 

If we have not met before my name is Crystal, I am the creator of The Dharma Den; A Holistic All-Natural Beauty Product Line. I am certified in Integrative Nutritionist (IIN) as a Health Coach, Certified Colon Therapist, Aromatherapist/Aromatherapy Cosmetology, Yoga and Fitness Instructor.  
Through this 12-week program myself and some amazing, experienced women will guide you through creating your own daily rituals to allow you to thrive and be the best version of yourself.  
My greatest wish is to share with you the passion I have for life, and inspire you to take more moments of joy, calm and selfcare into your everyday. I have a deep passion and desire for the human body, I believe that if we nurture the body both inside and out it will enhance all our senses and truly allow us to completely savour in the human experience. This is the beginning of a new radiant and vibrant you; Inside and out!
You will need to gather a few things for the days ahead in the first week: 

A Journal - This will help you discover your priorities and desires when you create affirmations from your heart’s desires.  
Colouring Pencils/Pens - Colouring stimulates the brain with creative logic emotions expressions.  

 Also, before we start can you please sign the Sacred Sangha confidentiality form (Online) 


 I look forward to witnessing your transformation! 

Much love, Crystal :)