Women Of The Wise - Rituals to Rise (Week 1)

Women of The Wise - Rituals to Rise Week 1.

What is our Sacred Sangha?

It is a circle where we will grow, learn and be raw and real together.

UNITE: Come or Bring Together for a common purpose to form a whole.

Agreeing to maintain full confidentiality, we create a space where we can attend in privacy and caring and collectively openly discuss our thoughts within the circle. We will all contribute positively and keep each other supported together integrating empathy and compassion and building our self-confidence, creating an alchemy in our Sangha.

Welcome Ladies,

I thank you for your time and space you hold in the unity of this Sacred Sangha


Breathe in and close your eyes. One hand on your heart, One hand on your belly.

Inhale - "I am the peace that I seek"
Exhale - "I release what no longer serves me"

"I am truly and wildly abundant in all areas in my life!"


"I am willing"
"I am evolving"
"I am growing"
"I am worthy"
"The universe is helping me achieve all that I desire, I trust the process"

Prayer of Women Of The Wise:

"I bring honor to my radiant heart"
"Courage to my deep questions"
"Respect to my true nature"
"Compassion to the collective"
"Let my spirit be energized every step I take towards my soul's purpose"
"I thank you for all the gifts unfolding in this wisdom and beauty"

Take time for self-reflection and self inquiry.

This is a perfect time to open up your manifesting journals step away to a quiet place and let the process begin.

Come to our first Sangha with a few words that would best describe yourself?

My words are: Raw, Open, Real, Safe

We are always growing and changing, and our words will too.


- A -

Abundance, Abundant, Acceptance, Accepted, Accepting,  Accomplished, Acknowledged, Adaptable, Admiration, Adoration, Adoring, Advancing, Adventure, Affection, Affectionate, Affluent,  Alchemical, Aligned, Alive, Allied, Allowed, Allowing, Alluring, Altruistic, Amazement, Amazing, Ambitious, Ambrosial, Amour, Anchored, Angels, Animated, Anticipation, Appreciated, Appreciation, Ardent, Ardor, Artful, Articulate, Artistic, Ascension, Assertive, Assured, Astounding, Attentive, Attractive, Attuned, Audacious, Auspicious, Authentic, Awake, Aware, Awe, Awesome

- B -

Body in bliss, Balance, Balanced, Beatific, Beautiful, Beauty, Being, Beingness, Belonging, Beloved, Birth, Blazing, Blessed, Blessing, Bliss, Blissed Out, Blissful, Blooming, Blossoming, Bold, Bookish, Boundless, Bountiful, Brave, Bravery, Breakthrough, Breezy, Bright, Brilliance, Brilliant, Brimming, Buzzing

- C -

Calm, Calming, Caramelized, Capable, Care, Carefree, Caring,  Catalyst, Celebrated, Celebration, Celebratory, Celestial, Centered, Certain, Certitude, Charmed, Cheer, Cheerful, Cherished, Cherishing, Childlike, Chosen, Clarity, Classy, Clean, Clear, Close, Cocooned, Cocreator, Collaborative, Colourful, Comfort, Comfortable, Comforting, Commitment, Committed, Communing, Communion, Community, Compassion, Compassionate, Complete, Confidence, Confident, Connected, Connection, Consciousness, Content, Contentment, Continuous, Cool, Cosmic, Courage, Courageous, Cozy, Crafted, Creating, Creation, Creative, Creativity, Curious, Currency

- D -

Daring, Dauntless, Dazzling, Decisive, Declare, Dedicated, Deep, Deeply, Deliberate, Delicious, Delight, Delighted, Delightful, Delighting, Depth, Deserving, Desire, Desired, Determination, Determined, Devoted, Devotion, Diligence, Disciplined, Discovery, Divine, Disney like,  Divinely Favoured, Driven, Dynamic, Dynamism

- E -

Eager,  Earthy, Ease, Easeful, Easy, Eccentric, Ecstasy, Ecstatic, Effective, Effervescent, Elated, Elation, Electric, Elegance, Elegant, Elemental, Elevated, Eloquent, Embodied,  Embrace, Embracing, Emergent, Empowered, Empowering, Enchanted, Encouraged, Encouragement, Encouraging, Endless, Enduring, Energetic, Energized, Energy, Engaged, Enjoyment, Enlightened, Enlightening, Enraptured, Enriched, Enthralled, Enthusiasm, Enthusiastic, Enticing, Epic, Equanimity,  Erotic, Essential, Ethereal, Euphoria, Euphoric, Evolution, Evolved, Excellence, Exceptional, Excited, Excitement, Exciting, Exhilarated, Exhilarating, Expansion, Expansive, Explorer, Exploring, Expressed, Expressive, Exquisite, Extraordinary, Exuberance

- F -

Fabulous,  Faithful, Family, Fantastic, Fantastical, Fascinated, Fascinating, Fascination,  Fearless Fecund, Felicity, Feminine, Femininity, Fertile, Fervent, Fervor, Festive, Fierce, Firecracker, Fit, Flamboyant, Flexible, Flirtatious, Flourish, Flourishing, Flow, Flowing, Fluid, Flush, Focus, Focused, Forgiven, Forgiving, Fortunate, Fortune, Free, Free Spirited, Free-flowing, Freedom, Fresh, Friendliness, Friendly, Friendship, Fruitful, Fulfilled, Full, Fun, Fun Loving

 - G -

Gallant, Generative, Generosity, Generous, Gentle, Gentleness, Genuine, Giddy, Given, Giving, Glad, Glamorous, Glee, Gleeful, Glorious, Glory, Glowing, God, Goddess, Gold, Golden, Goodwill, Gorgeous, Grace, Graceful, Gracious, Grateful, Gratified, Gratitude, Grit, Groovy, Grounded, Growth, Guidance, Guided, Gumption, Gutsy

- H -

Happiness, Happy, Harmonious, Harmony, Heal, Healed, Healing, Healthy, Heard, Heart, Heart-centered, Heartened, Heartful, Heaven-sent, Held, Helpful, Heroic, High, High Spirits, Holistic, Holy, Home, Homey, Honest, Honor, Hope, Hopeful, Hot, Humanity, Humility, Hunger, Hygge

- I -

Ignited, Illuminated,  Immersed, Impactful, Important, Impractical, In Awe,  In Communion, Incandescent, Included, Inclusive, Incomparable, Incredible, Independence, Indigo, Indomitable, Indulgence, Indulgent, Ineffable, Infamous, Infinite, Influencing, Influential, Innovating, Innovation, Innovative, Inquisitive, Insightful, Inspiration, Inspirational, Inspired, Inspiring, Instinctive, Integrity, Integrous, Intent, Intentional, Interdependent, Intimate, Intoxicating, Intrepid, Intrigued, Intriguing, Intuitive, Invigorated, Invincible, Invocation, Irrepressible, Irresistible

- J -

Jazzed, Jazzy, Joy, Joyful, Joyous, Joyride, Jubilant, Jubilation, juicy, jumping, jacked, Joker,, Jolly Journeyer

- K -

Kindred, Karmic, Keen, Kick-ass, Kind, Kindness, Kindred, King, Kinship, Knowing, Knowledgeable,

- L -

Laughter, Lavish, Lean, Legacy, Legitimacy, Letting Go, Liberated, Liberation, Life-giving, Light, Lighthearted, Lightness, Limitless, Lioness, Lit, Lithe, Lively, Living, Loose, Lovable, Love, Loved, Lovely, Luverly, Loving, Loyal, Lucid, Lucky, Lucrative, Luminary, Luminous, Lusciousness, Lush, Luxurious

- M -

Magic, Magical, Magnetic, Magnificent, Maker, Manifesting, Masculine, Masculinity, Masterful, Masterpiece, Mastery, Maverick, Meaning, Meeting, Mesmerizing, Mighty, Mindful, Mindfulness, Miracle, Miraculous, Mobile, Momentum, More Than Enough, Mother, Mothering, Motivated, Motivational, Moved, Multidimensional, Mysterious, Mystical

- N -

Natural, Neon, New, Nimble, Nirvana, Noble, Nourish, Nourished, Nonvariant, Nurtured, Nurturing

- O -

Oceanic, Offering, Olympic, Oneness, Open, Open-minded, Openhearted, Openness, Optimistic, Opulence, Opulent, Order, Organic, Organized, Orgasmic, Original, Otherworldly, Outrageous, Outspoken, Overflowing, Overjoyed

 - P -

Passion, Passionate, Patient, Peace, Peaceful, Perfection, Perseverance, Phoenix, Pioneer, Playful, Pleased, Pleasure, Poetic, Poetry, Positive, Potent, Power, Powerful, Practical, Precious, Prepared, Presence, Present, Pretty, Pride, Primal, Prime, Productive, Professional, Profound, Progressive, Prolific, Prosperous, Protected, Protection, Proud, Pulsating, Pumped, Pure, Purpose, Purposeful

- Q -

Queen, Queenly, Quality, Quick, Qualified, Quenched, Quiet,

- R -

Radiant, Radical,  Rapport, Rapture, Rapturous, Ready, Real, Realized, Receptive, Recognition, Recognized, Refreshed, Regal, Regenerative, Relaxation, Relaxed, Relaxing, Released, Reliable, Relief, Relieved, Remarkable, Renewal, Renewed, Replenished, Repose, Reposed, Resilience, Resilient, Resolute, Resonance, Resonating, Respect, Respected, Resplendent, Rest, Rested, Restorative, Restored, Revealed, Reverence, Reverent, Rich, Riches, Righteous, Romance, Rooted, Rosy,

- S -

Sacred, Satiated, Satisfied, Savour, Secure, Seductive, Seen, Sufficient, Sensual, Sensuous, Sultry,  Serenity, Service, Sexual, Sexy, Shakti, Shimmering, Shine, Shining, Significant, Silly, Simplicity,  Smart, Soft, Solid, Soothed,  Soul, Satisfied, Soulful, Soulmate, Sound, Sourced, Sovereign, Space, Spacious, Spark, Sparkle, Spectacular, Spicy, Spirit, Spirited, Spiritual, Spunky, Stable, Star, Steadfast, Steady, Steeped, Still, Stimulated, Stoked, Strength, Strong, Structured,  Substance, Successful, Succulent, Sultry, Sunrise, Sunshine, Super, Superb, Superdeluxe, Supernova, Supple, Supplied, Supported, Supportive, Supreme, Sure, Surrender, Sweet, Symphonic, Synchronous, Synergy

- T -

Temperance, Tenacious, Tenacity, Tender, Tethered, Thankful, Thoughtful, Thrilled, Thrilling, Thriving, Timeless, Together, Touched, Trailblazer, Tranquil, Tranquillity, Transcendence, Transcendent, Transformative, Transformed, Treasure, Treasured, Treasuring, Triumphant, True, Trust, Trustworthy, Truth, Truthful, Tuned-in, Turned On

- U -

Unconditional, Understanding, Understood, Unfolded, Unification, Unified, Unifying, Union, Unique, United, Unity, Unleashed, Unwrapped, Upbeat, Uplifted, Useful, Unafraid, Unbound, Understandable, Unfolding

- V -

Validated, Valor, Valuable, Valued, Vast, Versatile, Verve, Vibrancy, Vibrant, Victorious, Vigor, Visceral, Visible, Visionary, Vital, Vitality, Vivacious, Vivacity, Vivid, Vocal, Voice, Voicing, Voluptuous, Vulnerable, Vibrant, Vascular

- W -

Wakeful, Wanderlust, Warm, Warmth, Warrior, Water, Wealthy, Welcome, Well, Whimsical, Whimsy, Whole, Wholehearted, Wholesome, Wild, Wild-hearted, Willing, Wisdom, Wise, Witty, Wonder, Wonderful, Worldly, Worthy

- Y -

Yoga, Young at Heart, Youthful, Yahoo, Yearning, Yummy

- Z -

Zeal, Zealous, Zen, Zoetic,, Zappy, Zestful, Zinger


 Choose a few manifesting words that resonate with your soul to help plant the seeds of growth and expansion which we will use in this exercise.in growing our microgreens.

Microgreens Harvest and Sprouting:

We will need to gather the following items for our first Sangha 

  1. Self-watering Wick Cord; String Cotton
     (sold on Amazon $8.00)
  2. Small growing trays or even better a plastic container with lid. Reusable take out container works well
  3. Potting soil
    ($12.00 and up)
  4. Mumm’s sprouting seed’s
    (sold on Amazon or local health food store and hydroponic store under $10 each)
  5. Mason Jars with Mesh Lid
    (Kit sold on Amazon $22.00)

 We will be learning how to grow microgreens and sprouting. Get excited to start growing one of the most  high potent, nutrient dense super foods in your very own kitchen, we can all have a green thumb.

 Microgreens harvested in 7 days have the highest antioxidant capacity. Young edible seedlings are the  highest concentration of nutrients per calorie of any food. They are a great source or protein, a super source of vitamin C; helping protect the immune system, prevention against cardiovascular disease and even wrinkled skin. They are loaded with beta-carotene and some varieties are even more nutrient rich than carrots. They are a good source of vitamin E; helping maintain healthy skin and eyes and strengthening the body and naturally improve our internal immune system against illness and infection. Vitamin K is also a rich source of nutrients in micro greens which play an important role in maintaining strong and healthy bones, lower blood pressure, anti-cancerous, immune busting, improving eyesight and reducing constipation.







Social Media Apps Used for this Program:

Daily Meditations and Group/Sangha Correspondence via Insight Timer and Telegram Online Platforms


Zoom is a communications platform that allows users to connect with video, audio, phone, and chat. All of our weekly meetings will use Zoom. You will be provided with a link to each weekly meeting via email.



Telegram is a secure messaging and audio calling app that allows you to send messages, photos, videos and files of any type to your contacts for free. We will use this for connection, supporting our sisterhood that we call our sangha. I will be sending out daily meditations to support your rituals. Let's use this as our platform to share our progress and grow together!


Insight Timer


Breathe in and close your eyes. One hand on your heart, One hand on your belly.


"I am willing"

"I am evolving"
"I am growing"
"I am worthy"
"The universe is helping me achieve all that I desire, I trust the process"

Much Love, Crystal :)

"I choose to make the rest of my life, the best of my life" -Louise Hay