Women Of The Wise - Micro Greens


With the food prices going up we can provide a superfood packed with antioxidants and other healthy promoting nutrients in our own kitchen inexpensive, simple to do, easy and fun! We can all have a green thumb!!

 Micro-greens harvested in 7 days have the highest antioxidant capacity. Young edible seedlings are a super source of vitamin C; helping protect the immune system, prevention against cardiovascular disease and even wrinkled skin. They are loaded with beta-carotene and some varieties are even more nutrient rich than carrots. They are a good source of vitamin E; helping maintain healthy skin and eyes and strengthening the body and naturally improve our internal immune system against illness and infection. Vitamin K is also a rich source of nutrients in micro greens which play an important role in maintaining strong and healthy bones, lower blood pressure, anti-cancerous, immune busting, improving eyesight and reducing constipation.


Micro-greens are high in prebiotic finer that can nourish the friendly probiotic organisms in your gut. Stimulating the growth of the intestinal bacteria.