Woman Of The Wise - The Sacred Hustle (Week 7)


Welcome Women of The Wise Week 7.

What is our Sacred Sangha?

It is a circle where we will grow, learn and be raw and real together.

Agreeing to maintain full confidentiality, we create a space where we can attend in privacy and caring and collectively openly discuss our thoughts within the circle. We will all contribute positively, and keep each other supported together integrating empathy and compassion and building our self-confidence, creating an alchemy in our Sangha.

Journal Prompt:

How does your work in the world match what you dreamt of as a child?
How do you imagine growing through work?
What are some dreamy next steps for yourself?


We are privledged to have our beautiful "Piper Martin" from our Sangha be our honorary guest speaker to discuss "Homeopathy"

An alternative approach to medicine based on the belief that natural substances, prepared in a special way and used most often in very small amounts, restore health. According to these beliefs, in order for a remedy to be effective, it must cause in a healthy person the same symptoms being treated in the patient. Also called homeopathic medicine.