Woman Of The Wise - The Sacred Hustle (Week 5)


Welcome Women of The Wise Week 5.

What is our Sacred Sangha?

It is a circle where we will grow, learn and be raw and real together.

Agreeing to maintain full confidentiality, we create a space where we can attend in privacy and caring and collectively openly discuss our thoughts within the circle. We will all contribute positively, and keep each other supported together integrating empathy and compassion and building our self-confidence, creating an alchemy in our Sangha.

Journal Prompt:

What do you do to bring yourself back into your body/self when you feel disconnected?

What is the one thing that grounds you immediately that makes you feel like YOU!?


Let’s dig into liquid nutrition and add some liquid power into our week.

When we add more water and raw liquid nutrition to our diets as a daily ritual, we let our bodies take a little break from working and digesting solid foods well adding high potency nutrient dense raw liquid.

This is something I believe to help us tap into ourselves body and soul.

  • Adding more water, pure fresh pressed organic juices, smoothie, raw soups, and organic herbal tea benefits our entire self.

  • Pure raw organic juice and green smoothies are nutrient dense adding these into your daily life creates a more radiant and vibrant you.  

  • Fresh pressed juices are a life force, alkalizing, highly nutrient filled with minerals, enzymes, cleansing and repairing our bodies.

  • Smoothies are full of fiber when adding greens acting like a cleansing brush for the large intestines.

  • Liquefying your raw soups in your blender are also heigh in fiber and easier on the digestion system they are energizing and delicious.

  • Well organic teas are filled with minerals helping support the immune system and also have many vitamins.

 As we slowly add in raw real foods to our everyday life our bodies are less likely to need supplements. We will have more energy, feel vibrant, energetic creating a calm clear mind and start to feel our most authentic amazing self!


 Here are a few recipes from my favorite books.

1. Scarborough Fair Vegetable Soup

2. Velvety Vegetable Soup

3. Green Pea Mint Soup

4. Wild Blueberry Chai Smoothie

5. Strawberry Smoothie, Tropical Green Smoothie

6. Daddy's Post-Workout Smoothie


By: Raw Volution-Matt Amsden, Rawlicious-Angus Croawford & Chelsea Clark, Epic Vegan Foods-Ellen and Andrew Fisher, Radiant Health- Naty Howard

 Facial Mask:

A little home facial mask:

  • Raw Local Honey
  • Dash of Cinnamon.

 Mix together and lovingly massage your face in the morning or evening as you sip your coffee or tea. Its also delicious so if you get a little on your lips its like a little treat. 😊

 Honey is a natural humankind to draw in moisture to the skin, balancing skin tone, helping with acne and hydrating creating a natural glow! Cinnamon helps kill bacteria and shrank facial pores.