Woman Of The Wise - The Sacred Hustle (Week 3)


For the women who are:


We are moving up in our bodies, We grounded in our first 2 weeks;
Sewing Seeds and Word Affirmations and now we are Nurturing Our Belly’s.

In the next few weeks, we are going to dabble in making your own Kombucha!

Here is a short blog about the many benefits to women from drinking Kombucha.


Below is the link to the Kombucha recipe I have used, and a short step-by-step video for first time Kombucha brewers



If you can’t find a scoby from a friend, I’ve purchased this kit before and its beautiful.

“Brew Your Bucha” Kombucha Scoby with Starter Fluid | Kombucha Starter Kit with Scoby, Live Culture, Scoby Kombucha Starter, Kombucha Kit, DIY Kombucha Brewing Kit Scoby Kombucha Starter Prime (1-Pack)


Yoga is a beautiful practice to connect to our bodies and breath I’ve attached a video on grounding and breath work, I hope you enjoy.


This yoga practice connects our last few weeks in our learnings and together.

Let’s start moving and breathing together!


Further to our journaling discussions;

I have sent a link to a beautiful description on the benefits to colouring and journaling, please take the time to read this. It really resonated with me for the group and I hope you enjoy.


1. A question we never got to last week was what do we need to let go of to grow?