Woman Of The Wise - The Sacred Hustle (Week 11)


Welcome Women of The Wise Week 11.

What is our Sacred Sangha?

It is a circle where we will grow, learn and be raw and real together.

Agreeing to maintain full confidentiality, we create a space where we can attend in privacy and caring and collectively openly discuss our thoughts within the circle. We will all contribute positively and keep each other supported together integrating empathy and compassion and building our self-confidence, creating an alchemy in our Sangha.


 I’m not a huge fan of having a shelf full of supplements but I feel that whole foods and their nutritional value is lacking because of the way they are produced now in our would today. I feel we can really benefit by adding in a few supplements to support our body, mind hormones and stress levels.

Below are a few that help maintain a vital life!

Vitamin D
Vitamin C
Vitamin B
Omega 3

Journal Prompt:

What does your devotional daily practice look like for yourself?
Are you being called switch this up or anti up this practice?

We are the granddaughters of the witches they couldn’t burn

Lets keep shining our magical light within our soul!

Much Love, Crystal :)