Woman Of The Wise - The Sacred Hustle (Week 10)


Welcome Women of The Wise Week 10.

What is our Sacred Sangha?

It is a circle where we will grow, learn and be raw and real together.

Agreeing to maintain full confidentiality, we create a space where we can attend in privacy and caring and collectively openly discuss our thoughts within the circle. We will all contribute positively and keep each other supported together integrating empathy and compassion and building our self-confidence, creating an alchemy in our Sangha.


Dehydrating reduces the water content in food by evaporation. All of the calories, fiber, flavor, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins are all concentrated, so you get maximum nutrition. Dehydrating food can be an easy way to maintain the nutritional integrity in your favorite foods.

A low temperature oven with a drying rack can be all you need to do the trick. Allowing you to gently dry fruit and vegetables or prepare raw dishes. You can also use a dehydrator appliance; “Excalibur” is the dehydrator I have and its so simple to use. Some of my favorite easy snacks are making natural real fruit roll-ups and kale chips. I can remember my mom making real fruit rollups in the oven and they were delicious!

The sky’s the limit so play around with your favorite fruits and vegetables even make your own crackers and deserts!.

Here are some of my favorite dehydrating recipes:

Sweet Potato Chips
Sunny Flax Crackers
Kale Chips
Cheesy Sauce for Kale Chips
Blonde Macaroons
Apple Cookies

"Enlightened Eating" by Caroline Marie Dupont
"Rawlicious at Home" by Angus Crawford & Chelses Clark.


I’m so excited to have this beautiful soul Nicole Larin-Craddock share a new found gift of hers with us tonight!

Also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful energy based stress relief technique. It’s based on the principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

I’m a corporate event planner in my 9-5 life but was immediately drawn to EFT last year after seeing a powerful shift in my mindset during a session with Jackie McDonald. I knew I had to learn more and received my certification through Jackie’s program last fall.


I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you this week to share a new moon tapping session as we head into the spring equinox.

🤍Nicole Larin-Craddock

Journal Prompt:

What is your vision that you hold for yourself in the near future?
What does being in alignment and manifesting your desires look like?
What is the one step you can take to get closer to this?

    Much Love, Crystal :)