Woman Of The Wise - The Sacred Hustle (Week 1)


Please look over the list of feeling words and see what resonates in your body.
Choose 3-5 words from the list or of your own choice that will feed your soul in 2023.

Also, come to our first Sangha with a few words that would best describe yourself.

As an example, the words that describe my self are:

  • RAW
  • OPEN
  • REAL
  • SAFE

In addition to choosing these words, we will need to gather the following items for our first Sangha.  “Micro Greens” harvest.

I will also be sending a video after our 1st Sangha so it’s easy to set up and  FUN!

  1. Self-watering Wick Cord; String Cotton
     (sold on Amazon $12.00 to $22.00)
  2. Small growing trays or even better a plastic container with lid. Reusable take out container works well
  3. Potting soil
    ($12.00 and up)
  4. Mumm’s sprouting seed’s
    (sold on Amazon or local health food store and hydroponic store $12.00-$22.00)