Our beautiful holistic facials are here to experience. Choose the service best suited for your skin + soul, and book in with us. 

I will continue to open up time slots as we move forward. If you don't see a time/ day that suits, reach out at

Our Aromatherapy Soothing Facial is designed to restore balance in your body, mind and spirit. Using only the purest of essential oils we will customize a personalized sensory experience to bring balanced complexion. Expect a radiant and blissful glow.

We use our own Dharma Den facial product line, beautiful ancient skin tools, facial massage techniques, + healing hands to leave your skin feeling fresh, young and full of life.

Some Benefits of Aromatherapy Facials Include:

- decrease fine-lines, puffiness, acne, congestion, pigmentation & dark circles
- balanced complexion (excessive oiliness/dryness)
- lifted & sculpted appearance in skin tissues
- meditative healing state, harmonized emotions, clarity
- a decrease in stress (stimulation of parasympathetic nervous system)
- toxin removal
- stimulation of collagen and elastin for skin-longevity
- relief of TMJ, sinusitis, bell's palsy
- migraine relief
- boosted immune system

We utilize a combination of the following facial tools to ensure a unique healing experience :

Gua Sha (stimulate fascia release and lymphatic flow for improved glow and improved the emotional state. Traditionally used in TCM and meridians for increased full body healing. Also noted for sculpting and lifting properties)

Facial Cupping (increase blood flow for toxin removal and nutrient delivery)