Legal Disclaimer

The information given on this web page, through printed material, within email communication or verbally to the client,  is entirely for educational purposes and represents the opinions of the therapists to the best of their knowledge. The use of this information is entirely the responsibility of the client should they choose to apply it for their personal health and wellness. 

This information is not intended as a prescription, prognosis, or diagnosis of any disease or illness, and should not be used as a replacement for any medical treatment you are currently undergoing. The therapists at The Dharma Den are not doctors, nor do they intend to replace or hinder the advice and treatment you may be receiving from your medical or naturopathic doctor. 

The client is fully responsible to seek the advice of a doctor who is familiar with their medical history before undergoing any procedure we administer at The Dharma Den, and before making any dietary, supplementary, or lifestyle changes based on recommendations received from The Dharma Den. Application of the information provided and hydrotherapy treatments should be done with the supervision of your licensed medical professional. The client is informed of possible side-effects of colon hydrotherapy.  We bare no liability of any sort should the individual client choose to act without or despite of a medical opinion and does so fully at their own risk.  The client understands this procedure is not covered by OHIP, but may be covered by private health insurance providers. 

Packages and products once purchased, whether used or not, are strictly non-refundable.